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The end of an Era.

Aqaurius are no longer accepting new gigs.



Former members…
Bass and Lead Vocals: Peter Bishop

Pete white1Bish the original “baby” of the band has come a long way since his first night as Roadie when he got home and said to his Mum, “Don’t ask, I can’t tell you”. Pete impressed the band, by always being willing to go the extra mile, (Usually when the van broke down). Stepping into the role of Bass guitarist, he soon displayed his talent and ability, not only on bass guitar but also vocally. Pete took over the lead vocal spot some years later when another change in line up occurred. As mainstay of the cabaret spot the band used to perform, his quick humour has been known to get him into some embarrassing situations, But that’s another story.

Chris Black 3 Guitar/Keyboards and BV’s: Chris Mann

Chris originally just played guitar but now also Keyboard, Chris played with  several local bands before founding Aquarius in 1974 to play a wider range of music and cabaret. The quiet one of the group. Chris was the only original member still in the band when they split in 1984 having performed on Hughie Greens “Opportunity knocks” road show and recording with the band for the BBC. Over the years Chris has gathered enough material to write a book on Aquarius including the night when…perhaps some things are better left unsaid! However Chris is open to bribes.


FB_20180208_09_35_55_Saved_PictureDrums: Dave Gibbon 

Dave joined the band on th 6th Feb 2018. He is a vastly experienced drummer having played in many local bands notably 36 Stone (Band name not his weight, but it was the collective weight of the members) and Funky skunk. He also played in the house band at the Marr’s Bar where he had to play anything that was thrown at him without rehearsal. He likes a challenge. Dave has been playing drums since he was 13 years old.  Musically influenced by Clive Burr (Iron Maiden), Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy), Mike Avery (the Kinks) and John Bradbury (The specials), his tastes in music cover Rock, Ska, 60’s in fact anything with a bit of UMPH!! He has a great sense of humour… which is probably just as well. 




Lead Guitar: Mark Lewis

Mark the new baby of the band joined in November 2013 and was thrown in at the deep end with only 6 rehearsals before his first Gig on New Years eve. The son of our original Lead Guitarist (Norman who emigrated to Bulgaria) Mark has been playing Bass guitar before he joined us on lead. Mark has a diverse appreciation of music and obviously enjoys a challenge. Like his father he has a flare for making his guitar talk. A family man who proudly supports his daughter who is a junior member of the Royal Ballet.


Here’s some clips:  

The Band in action

 Meet the band at a Pub gig


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