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1st Gig update

Ian’s first gig at the White Hart. No need to have worried. Gig went great with plenty of praise for Ian, the new drummer. Pete, the singer for those who don’t know, decided to get half the audience up for backing vocals. A sort of backing choir. Well about 10 of them. Ian quite surprised when one of them (female) climbed over the monitor speakers and sat on his lap to help him play. Put him right off his beat on the bass drum. Also Brian’s son, a professional musician who was on Swedish TV the night before the gig, had arrived in the UK for a family event and came along to have a go vocally with his Dad, and to roadie for us. 1st time they’ve performed together in public, musically. Most talented roadie we’ve had but he declined the job offer.

Altogether a great first night and if anybody has any pictures please get in touch.

Well what a fantastic night at the Swan Christmas eve. 1st set started as normal and was going great. It all started with a £20 bet that Pete would not do the second half in fancy Dress. He said he would if the bet was doubled and the proceeds would go to St Paul’s a Worcester homeless charity.

After some banter with the crowd the bet was raised to £100 if Pete did the second set in a member of the audience’s Thong and a Basque or Corset (Whatever you call it). Pete agreed but on seeing the thong he felt it would be a step too far as he didn’t want to shock the ladies. The second set progressed with much banter as per photo’s.

Further negotiations with the audience led to a wip round for Pete to do at least one number starker’s except for a Barmaids apron. When the Charity pot hit £220 he agreed provided no photo’s. (some hope see photo’s). Pete’s jeans were stolen! The ladies were obviously not shocked. Pete has agreed to publish in the hope of raising further donations. The final pot on the night reached £265. Thanks to all who donated.  Oh, the stolen Jeans were returned after the band refused to play further ’til they were returned. Could have been a risky strategy but enough people wanted a third set.

Thanks to all at the Swan for a fantastic night and best wishes to Phil the Landlord when he moves to his new Pub sometime in the new year.