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The trend for Breweries and Pub owners to be tempted by the quick profits of selling Pubs to be developed into Flats etc. continues unabated.

Latest pubs to need support is the Coppertops,  Oldbury Rd, Worcester and the sebright on London Road Worcester.

The Coppertops.

Although our gigs there are secure at present they nearly weren’t as Seb the Landlord was given notice to quit within a week.

This is the only pub left serving the Dines green area and is popular with the locals. This being so Seb is fighting the closure and has enlisted the help of local MP Robin Walker, hence a stay of execution has been achieved.

We understand a pubs advice line was launched by the Governments Community Pubs Minister Brandon Lewis which will help advise locals on how to keep their prized pubs open, so we suggest anyone interested in supporting Seb in his efforts to keep this pub going contact him at the Coppertops where he can advise on petitions, letters to councilors, breweries MP’s etc or just enjoy a pint and maybe some live music.

 The Sebright.

The Sebright is in the same boat as the Coppertops as it is up for Sale for development. Again the only local pub in walking distance for many locals.