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Dancing for England

Through Mark, our lead guitarist, The band heard about a Worcester Dance school (Harlequin ) that has 7 or 8 young pupils from Worcester selected by the Team England panel of judges to represent the country in the Dance World cup to be held in June and July in Bucharest (Romania).  The school has several branches and in total 81 of their students have been selected. Not only is this a great honour but also a fantastic achievement for the school to have so many pupils selected.

Trouble is it comes with a cost. The school needs to raise enough money (in the region of £50,000) to sent these pupils.. This covers entry fees, flights, accommodation etc. With so many selected, no small overhead. For many this will be their first trip abroad. What an opportunity.

To this end the Band has reintroduced “the bucket” at our gigs to help support this worthy cause. Any spare cash (shrapnel) will be greatly received. Every penny helps.