Band History

 Aquarius circa 1979


Aquarius were originally formed back in 1974 when digital meant you had a new watch that had red numbers on it. At this time the band was comprised of Pete Owen on Vocals, Alwyn Jones on Bass Guitar, Steve Thomas on Drums, and Chris Mann on Guitar with Pete Bishop (Bish) as our Roadie. Alwyn left to be replaced by Andy Price and when Andy moved on to play with George Mellee, Bish took over on Bass. We were also joined by Norman Lewis on Lead Guitar and when Peter Owen moved on Bish stood up to the plate and became Vocalist as well as Bass player.




Left to right: Chris, Norman, Steve, Pete





 Austin Club Longbridge circa 1982

Second Dawning of the age.

Aquarius met up again after 20 odd years at a surprise party for Bish. They decided to get together for a “Bash” just for old times’ sake. However it wasn’t long before there was a desire to play in front of a live audience again. Not wishing to go on the road as a regular gigging band, they decided to acquire a room for a one off gig, proceeds to go to charity. To everyone’s surprise the event was a sellout. The evening was a great success raising around £1000 for a local charity. The lineup for the reformed band was still Bish, Norman, Steve and Chris, with Chris playing both Guitar and Keyboards. More gigs followed and Aquarius are now one of the busiest bands in the Midlands

Changes in line up.

Norman moved to Bulgaria in September 2010 for a life in the sun and Brian Chambers, an ex Blues guitarist, was welcomed to the Aquarius fold in June 2010. Sadly Norman died in Bulgaria from a heart attack on Sunday 11th Dec. This was sudden and unexpected. Fortunately his sons Mark and Bret had taken a break to see him in Bulgaria a couple of weeks previously when he was reasonably fit and well. A small mercy in retrospect. Norman kept in touch with the band till the end.

Steve reluctantly retired from the band when, in Dec 2011, the work level and popularity of the band reached a level that was taking him away from his family more than he cared for.


Enter Ian Kershaw, with a rock steady drum beat and a winning smile. Ian stayed with the band until the end of January 2013 when he left to start a band dedicated to 60’s Music. Alas Ian was now been forced to retire for a while due to problems with his hands, but is now back playing again but less frequently.






 Brian Chambers: Maybe it’s because he’s a Londoner that Brian looked so serious. He assured us he was smiling on the inside.   2013 was a very busy year seeing the band go from strength to strength. Alas it also led to Brian deciding to call it a day completing his last gig at the Black star Stourprt on Christmas eve.

Brians last night cropped

In his words from his Facebook page:- “Last gig with THE band, Aquarius. Its been a great 3 & 1/2 years but its time to move on. The most successful band in Worcestershire and a great bunch of blokes. The bar staff were getting in the Christmas spirit. Its only rock and roll.”

Brian  helps us out from time to time as a Stand in.


 Ray Clark:  joined the band in April 2013 with a snare drum that is crisp and punchy with which he cuts a rock steady track. Laid back to the point of being horizontal Ray likes a good solid Bass line to keep the band on beat. Vastly experienced having done some TV work with the Suede’s also having one of their records reviewed on Radio One’s Round table. He has a dry sense of humour and says he is intent on keeping a low profile to let his drumming do the talking for him. Ray loved drumming and playing music of all types. An old Muso who knew his stuff. Sadly Ray passed away on August 9th 2017. 

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